Our business philosophy is to assist our customers to secure new product, which in turn should help MABCO in securing new programs thus forming a partnership. In today's automotive business climate we feel this extremely important to work together to assure mutual business success. MABCO will also supply personnel at your facility to assist with the PPAP process to insure our customers has a successful program launch.


Our program managers provide sales and program management.


With 7 seats of AutoCAD software we are able to process mutiple programs concurrently.


Mabco offers in-house CAD and CAM capabilities for our CNC.


Assistance with setup of tooling at startup as well as any repair work required at your facility .


  • That MABCO and Enterprise Automotive, Inc. work as one to provide complete program management and systems integration.

  • Our building provides 13,000 square feet of modern, completely equipped facilities for the efficient manufacturing of automotive tooling and checking equipment.

  • Michigan Automotive Bending is the single source for specialized automotive tooling and checking equipment.


MABCO Features

  • Line Dies
  • Progressive Dies
  • Transfer Dies & Systems
  • Up 250 Tons Capacity
  • Rolled Section Production
  • Extrusion Benders Production
  • Prototype Sheet Metal Parts
  • Assembly Limited Runs
  • Composite tooling
  • Models & special tooling
  • Prototype & production mold capability
  • Statistical process control


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